Laura Pedersen convincingly conveys Susannah’s transformation from spirited and unspoiled to hurt and weary, little comprehending what she might have done to offend, and, finally, to bitter and vindictive when wronged.  In the rhapsodic ‘Ain’t it a Pretty Night?’ Pedersen displays a lush high lyric soprano while gazing at the starry sky.  She is the picture of innocence violated, clutching a teddy bear, as she sings her sad ballad of the ‘false-hearted lover,’ ‘The Trees on the Mountains,’ and rounds out her distinguished effort with full-throated prayer, ‘O Lord, I never meant him to do it?’ When her brother seeks out her nemesis, shotgun in hand.

Bruce-Michael Gelbert, Theatre Scene NY

The National Lyric Opera count not have chosen a more physically appropriate soprano for the title role than Laura Pedersen … Her blond prettiness and naive seductiveness would have set her apart from the grim congregation even if she had never sung a note. Thankfully her voice was stunning… “

Frank Magiera, Worcester Telegram & Gazette News

Laura Pedersen: compelling …

Opera News

This Tennessee valley was a gloomy place, brightened only by Susan Roth’s lighting, and by Susannah herself, as played by the comely adn ebullient blonde soprano, Laura Pedersen.  No wonder the Elders were disturbed when she dropped her towel to bathe in the stream (upstage behind a scrim: and bared all.  Anything that pretty had to be bad, adn this production sharply emphasized Susannah’s isolation for the community.

Heidi Waleson, Opera Now

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